[CentOS] Centos apps/web scripts maybe

Mon Mar 18 05:48:35 UTC 2013
Bruce Whealton <bruce at futurewaveonline.com>

       This might end up being off-topic if the answer is in some kind of
php or other client-server script.  So, here is what I wanted to ask...
I can use Samba to share things on my local network with Windows even.  I
can get a view of my desktop from Windows using tightvncviewer with vino
running on the Centos box.  
         Here is what I was curious about doing...  One is to have a
filesync and backup like Dropbox for sharing and accessing files from
anywhere.  There would need to be a client app that ran on a Windows device,
or even a tablet/smartphone that automatically synced a certain folder or
folders that you identify.  On Dropbox you select one top folder/directory.
Or perhaps there could be like a virtual drive (on windows we deal in drives
instead of the unix file system).  This might already be doable to create a
map to a network drive.  I don't know if that would work over the internet
if one had the laptop outside the local network and  you wanted to see
certain files.  Not sure if the network drive would show up in this
scenario.  I'm looking for options for non-techie people like my wife and
many of my clients - the latter often need to get me images and other
           The other issue is streaming media to devices like my tablet, or
other devices, pcs, from the Linux Centos box.  Not sure if a Node.js
solution is best or a php solution and/or if there are linux apps for Centos
that do this.

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