[CentOS] Does CentOS support dual graphics cards with 2 monitors each?

Fri Mar 29 14:00:09 UTC 2013
Alfred von Campe <alfred at von-campe.com>

On Mar 28, 2013, at 19:08, John R Pierce wrote:

> actually with newer systems, the hardware does allow you to use builtin 
> and pci-express video concurrently.   I had 3 monitors briefly on my 
> home (MS Windows 8) system, 2 were on a Nvidia GT640, the 3rd was hot 
> plugged into the onboard (Intel i5-3570k HD4000) and it just came up as 
> another screen without any intervention or even rebooting.

Everything I've googled lead me to believe this wasn't possible.  I did
stumble across an interesting setting in the BIOS yesterday (which I
cannot find today) that implied something along these lines, but it
stated that it should only be used for Windows 7 and would have no
effect on other operation systems.

When I plug in a monitor to the on-board VGA output and the PIC video
card, the BIOS won't let the system boot.  I will try the hot-plug
trick to see if it works for me.