[CentOS] CentOS 6.3 early panic on Xeon E3-1270V2 - CentOS 6.4 too

Tue Mar 12 11:04:06 UTC 2013
Tilman Schmidt <t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de>

Having read that RHEL/CentOS 6.4 came with new VMware drivers I checked
whether this problem might perchance be fixed. It isn't.

In the meantime I got a report that Windows 8 (64 bit) showed a similar

So, updated problem matrix (ESXi build omitted as it has no influence):

Processor                E5620    E3-1230  E3-1270V2

Windows XP/2003/2008       ok       ok       ok

Windows 8                   ?        ?      Panic

CentOS 5.8                 ok       ok       ok

CentOS 6.2                 ok       ok       ok(*)

CentOS 6.3                 ok       ok      Panic

CentOS 6.4                 ok       ok      Panic

(*) keyboard shows panic blink but system works fine otherwise

Reminder of the problem description: trying to boot a VM with
CentOS 6.3 or later on a VMware ESXi 4 host with a Xeon E3-1270V2
processor fails immediately after GRUB, with the VM locking up,
console message:

Sep 11 17:21:31.498: vmx| PANIC: early exception 0d rip
10:ffffffff81038879 error 0 cr2 0

and ESXi log messages:

Sep 11 17:21:19.628: vcpu-0| RDMSR: unknown MSR[0x1a0] (read as zero):
rip=0xffffffff810388db count=1
Sep 11 17:21:19.628: vcpu-0| RDMSR: unknown MSR[0x1a0] (read as zero):
rip=0xffffffff810388db count=2
Sep 11 17:21:19.629: vcpu-0| X86Fault_Warning:
vmcore/vmm64/cpu/interp.c:427: cs:eip=0x10:0xffffffff81038879 fault=13
Sep 11 17:21:19.632: vcpu-0| Vix: [1125838 vmxCommands.c:9609]:
VMAutomation_HandleCLIHLTEvent. Do nothing.
Sep 11 17:21:19.632: vcpu-0| MsgHint: msg.monitorevent.halt (sent)
Sep 11 17:21:19.632: vcpu-0| The CPU has been disabled by the guest
operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine.

Tilman Schmidt
Phoenix Software GmbH
Bonn, Germany

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