[CentOS] ECC memory errors

Mon May 6 19:30:33 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 5/6/2013 12:21 PM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> run it from hirens usb ?   that can boot to a winPE style environment.
> Never heard of it. Just looked at it... winPE - is that the miniXP?
> And it bothers me that I've never heard of hirens - I*do*  have to be
> aware of security. I'm still thinking of wine.

Hirens has been around for quite a while, and gets updated 
periodically.     its a all-in-one CD or USB boot full of mostly open 
source tools, can boot into memtest86, a linux kernel/shell/gui 
environment, or into a 'bartPE' mini-XP environment.  freedos too, I think.

hirens themselves only distributes the kit to build it, since it 
involves some licensed software, but pre-built ones are available from 
somewhat marginal sources (bit-torrent, etc).

you could, of course, simply use a plain BartPE boot, too, that you 
built yourself (Bart provides a toolkit for creating a winPE style 
environment).  you need access to a Windows desktop system somewhere to 
build one of these, along with the Windows XP CD to get the required files.

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