[CentOS] Need a Centos 6 USB hard drive recovery procedure

Fri May 10 14:03:18 UTC 2013
Bry8 Star <bry8star at yahoo.com>

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You may try these out:
some are able to scan entire surface and able to recover file, some
can give you back entire FAT as well, but trial version will be
limited with certain files only, or files-only, etc:

Power Data Recovery.
Paragon Hard Disk Manager.
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.
Active Partition Recovery.
DataNumen Data Recovery.
(Sometime, HBD by Hiren is also useful, but usage is allowed only if
you really have licensed copy of those software, and care need to be
taken from altered, rootkit based releases).

Most of these are Windows based software.

- -- Bright Star.

Received from Rock, on 2013-05-09 5:56 PM:
> On Thu, 09 May 2013 16:51:48 -0400, m.roth-x6lchVBUigD1P9xLtpHBDw wrote:
>> Are you sure that the FAT was mangled, and not just the MBR?
> How can I tell?
> All I know is the following:
> a) The WinXP PC had a virus or something making it slow
> b) So I decided to re-install the WinXP OS
> c) I connected the 150GB USB drive to the WinXP PC
> d) I backed up all the data files onto the 150GB USB drive
> e) I disconnected the 150GB USB drive 
> f) I repartitioned & re-installed Windows XP on the PC
> g) Then I plugged the backup 150GB USB drive back in
> It gave a message that it was unrecognized or corrupted.
> So I googled, & found a Microsoft Support page saying to run:
>  chkdsk /F E:
> So I ran that, and now the USB drive was recognized.
> But it "appeared" empty.
> So I asked how to recover and people said use "Recuva".
> So I installed Recuva 24 hours ago; it's still running,
> on the hard disk drive:
>  http://www1.picturepush.com/photo/a/12893214/img/12893214.jpg
> In fact, even though it has said there were only 10 minutes 
> to go for the past 20 hours or so, the file count keeps 
> climbing. 
>  http://www1.picturepush.com/photo/a/12893269/img/12893269.jpeg
> The problem is that, even though Recuva lists the hierarchy 
> where the files are coming from, it is putting all 70,000
> files in the same directory!
> Given that information, which is really all that I know,
> what would you recommend for file recovery if I plug the
> USB drive into my Centos 6 laptop?
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