[CentOS] Need a Centos 6 USB hard drive recovery procedure

Fri May 10 17:56:47 UTC 2013
Rock <Rocksockdoc at gmail.com>

On Fri, 10 May 2013 13:04:01 -0400, m.roth-x6lchVBUigD1P9xLtpHBDw wrote:

> I'd guess that whatever infected your system had a protection mechanism,
> so that if you tried to backup the whole drive, it would mangle
> something on the recipient drive, so that *it* couldn't be examined
> easily.

I understand. 

What you're saying was that I shouldn't have backed up my 
(perhaps compromised) WinXP data onto the external hard 
disk *from* that very same compromised Windows OS.

This makes sense.

In hindsight, I should probably have booted to Knoppix, 
and then used Knoppix to copy the c:\data hierarchy over
to the hard drive.


Now all I need to do is recover the Master File Table, 
because this Microsoft KB was what I had followed prior: