[CentOS] OpenStack Grizzly on CentOS-6.4

Sun May 12 18:20:16 UTC 2013
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

On 12.05.2013 17:34, Florian La Roche wrote:
> Hello,
> setting up the newest OpenStack Grizzly release seems to be really
> straight-forward.
> Red Hat has put together all support for this at 
> http://openstack.redhat.com/.
> I've documented installation, post-install config tweaks, how to add a 
> few
> ready-to-use guest images and links to a few gotchas on the following 
> wiki page:
>     http://jur-linux.org/testwiki/index.php/CloudLinux/OpenStack
> Most items can be setup on the command line this way, no need to e.g. 
> use the
> web interface to upload guest images.
> best regards,
> Florian La Roche
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Good job. You have a "CloudStack" word in the page, you might want to 
rename it to Openstack. :-)
Having said that, be careful with RDO in production if it's the case; 
it does not support multi_host; if your network host goes, it all goes.

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