[CentOS] How to load balance interrupts of a NIC on the PCI-MSI-edge driver in CentOS? :(

Tue May 21 05:39:56 UTC 2013
Alex Flex <aflexzor at gmail.com>


On 05/20/2013 10:48 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> afaik, IRQs from a single device have to be handled serially, you can't
> have more than one active IRQ at the same time.
> so there's really no point in distributing them across multiple CPU
> cores.  let the other cores handle user space and other sorts of IOs.
> SYN flooding is a pathological condition thats not going to happen under
> regular workloads, how does your system handle actual network traffic
> when it approaches network saturation ?
In summary, its very easy to hit a low number of packets/second flood 
and have the server start looking legitimate ones. I find it hard to 
believe that one cannot benefit from load balancing the interrupts?