[CentOS] ReiserFS - status?

Tue May 21 12:40:06 UTC 2013
Woehrle Hartmut SBB CFF FFS (Extern) <hartmut.woehrle at sbb.ch>

>Hi All.
>What is the status of ReiserFS in CentOS at the moment? I have some servers which use it as a loadable kernel module. I am thinking about a filesystem for database >systems and would like to know if ReiserFS will be maintained in CentOS/Linux kernel in the future?
Since Hans Reiser will be in prison for the next 10 years and the homepage of the company namesys - which is/was the main developing team - is no longer reachable, I think the future will more than vague. I don't even know if there is someone in charge for the development.
So I think this filesystem will slowly disappear.

>Best regards,

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