[CentOS] Dell R320 server

Fri May 24 11:43:38 UTC 2013
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

On 05/23/13 17:04, Jerry Geis wrote:
> Is there a way on Dell R320 (two power supplies and hardware RAID-1) on
> centos to get a message that a power supply is failing or that one of
> the hardware RAID disks is failing? Sure there is the front panel - but
> no-one is there ...
> Is that reported to linux/centos some way? This is my first R320.

First, the tiny LCD screen will most certainly tell you if a PSU is failing 
- it will go from the normal blue background to orange, and tell you which 
PSU. It will also say if the RAID controller is having problems.

The disks themselves are another issue. Find and d/l MegaRaid, which will 
let you manage the RAID (I don't know which PERC this has - we have 4xx, 
6xx, and 8xx servers) if it's a PERC 6 or 7, while the system is running, 
without having to reboot and use the firmware software.