[CentOS] Frustrated. Java on Centos 6 doesn't give an error message when downloading from a Samsung Galaxy S3

Fri May 24 15:21:09 UTC 2013
Keith Keller <kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us>

On 2013-05-24, Rock <Rocksockdoc at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 23 May 2013 23:40:17 -0400, Scott Robbins wrote:
>> On more current distributions, that is, just about everything but RHEL6 and
>> clones, one can install a version of mtpfs, simple-mtpfs on Fedora, for
>> example, jmtpfs on Arch, and get it to work.
> Just my luck that Centos is one of those linuxes that are problematic.

It's not "luck"--it's intentional.  RHEL deliberately follows older,
more stable versions of software, because RH tests the bejeezus out of
their releases.  By extension CentOS also follows older, more stable
versions of sofotware.  Therefore if you want bleeding edge versions of
unstable software, you likely need to do it yourself, because that
software probably isn't in CentOS.  And if you frequently want bleeding
edge versions, you probably want to put a different distro on that box,
because otherwise you'll spend lots of time fighting the distro.
(Sometimes this can be worked around by getting software from
third-party repositories, but not always.)


kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us