[CentOS] Frustrated. Java on Centos 6 doesn't give an error message when downloading from a Samsung Galaxy S3

Fri May 24 15:41:10 UTC 2013
Rock <Rocksockdoc at gmail.com>

On Fri, 24 May 2013 08:30:51 -0700, Craig White wrote:

> obviously beyond you.

Indeed! :)

I'm just a regular Joe user of a smartphone & Centos (which is the OS choice
of my employer who provides the laptop).

While most of you, on Centos, are experienced with compiling source code
(e.g., MPT source), I fail half the time if/when I try to run make files.

> USB Storage requires the telephone to unmount the memory device 
> from the telephone so the host computer could then mount it and 
> transfer files back and forth. That is simply not an option for 
> main memory but an option for expansion cards.

For an average user, will this problem of mounting an IceCreamSandwich
Android phone to a Centos laptop be resolved when MTP RPMs are available?

If so, when would we expect to see MTP RPMs in the standard repositories?
(i.e., how long should I expect my workaround to be in place?)