[CentOS] Backup of large filesystems >500GB

Mon May 27 18:24:23 UTC 2013
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

On 27.05.2013 19:13, Mike Watson wrote:
> I've a small system that I use to support a number of churches. I
> provide web and email for them. My current server is running CentOS 
> 6.3
> with paired 1TB drives in a RAID1 configuration. It works well. One
> filesystem is very large, >500GB, and contains numerous large files:
> SQL, docs, church libraries in ebook and digital form, plus stored
> videos of church services.
> My problem is that I've found no means of backing up that file system.
> Dump and tar both error out as exceeding the maximum size. Neither 
> will
> backup just the video directory (the largest) even with compression.
> Backup will be to an external (USB) removable HD.
> Can any suggest a prog or a method to back up this filesystem?

Have you tried good old rsync? Or, if you want incremental backups, 
check rdiff-backup.
I'm sure our list colleagues will come up with even more solutions.

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