[CentOS] Backup of large filesystems >500GB

Mon May 27 21:06:22 UTC 2013
Mark LaPierre <marklapier at aol.com>

On 05/27/2013 02:13 PM, Mike Watson wrote:
> I've a small system that I use to support a number of churches. I
> provide web and email for them. My current server is running CentOS 6.3
> with paired 1TB drives in a RAID1 configuration. It works well. One
> filesystem is very large, >500GB, and contains numerous large files:
> SQL, docs, church libraries in ebook and digital form, plus stored
> videos of church services.
> My problem is that I've found no means of backing up that file system.
> Dump and tar both error out as exceeding the maximum size. Neither will
> backup just the video directory (the largest) even with compression.
> Backup will be to an external (USB) removable HD.
> Can any suggest a prog or a method to back up this filesystem?
> mw

I use rsync to make a daily back up of my data on a second drive that is 
not normally mounted except when the backup is running.  The drive is 
inside the same box so this backup is still subject to loss if the box 
is stolen or destroyed.  I really should be backing up to an off site 

If you have a fire, flood, or other general disaster your local backup 
on an external drive isn't going to buy you anything unless you store 
the external drive off site.

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