[CentOS] Run multiple instance of apache

Tue May 28 09:05:33 UTC 2013
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>


> He doesn't want to dig into lxc either, I assume.
> He just wants to run two apache-instances.
> ;-)
> And does CentOS come with lxc?
> I don't think so...

RHEL6 has LXC as a tech preview right now so it's theoretically feasible
there ...

Of course the bigger challenge with multiple apache httpd instances is that
you step outside the scope of what gets supported upstream - the RPM
database would most likely no longer reflect the files to make a simple yum
upgrade httpd possible...

At that point you might as well roll your own in /usr/local and keep
abreast of update notices to avoid security issues - like that seen only
very recently...

KVM though is sufficiently close to bare metal now that it is sane to use
it for stuff like this to properly separate the instances with minimal
performance loss overall with the added benefit that a compromise in one is
unlikely to lead to a compromise in both...