[CentOS] Newby using IntelR1304BB Need help with installing 6.4

Fri May 31 00:15:18 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 5/30/2013 4:59 PM, Norman Schklar wrote:
> I plugged in the other 3 drives and went to the raid setup in Centos.
> I created a raid 5 with the three disks.  It doesn't allow using the 1st os
> boot disk in the raid.
> Should I use a usb drive to host an install then once it's running install
> the system again In the raided drives?

booting from soft raid has limitations.   the /boot partition containing 
grub and the kernel either can't be raid or it can be mirrored, while 
the root partition can be full raid

I generally avoid raid5/6 except for large scale bulk nearline archival 
storage, and use raid1 or 10 for all 'operational' stuff. I also tend to 
use 2 drives just for the OS and software, then seperate drives in 
whatever appropriate raid configuration for your large data (sql 
databases, websites, file server spaces, etc).... but I also don't like 
deploying raid without online hot spares. raid's only function is uptime 
availability in face of drive failures, and to aggreagate many drives 
into a single larger volume with potentially higher performance, its NOT 
a substitute for backups.

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