[CentOS] Where did yum install monodevelop?

Mon May 20 16:54:40 UTC 2013
Yves S. Garret <yoursurrogategod at gmail.com>

Hello all, I'm running CentOS 6.4.

Today I tried installing monodevelop and this is the result of the

Now.  When I went to my terminal and ran monodevelop... nothing.  When
I tried to locate the actual executable by running
find . -name "*monodevelop*" (kinda overkill, but figured that I'd get this
option out of the way), I couldn't find anything.  So, now, I'm scratching
my head and wondering what to do next :) .  Where did I mess up?  Am
I not starting monodevelop correctly?  If so, how should I start it?