[CentOS] Failed to create /dev/loop0p* entries for partitions inside loopback devices

Fri May 24 17:56:21 UTC 2013
Gelen James <hahaha_30k at yahoo.com>

centos 6 failed to create entries under /dev for newly created loopback devices. Any one know why? and how to fix/workaround it?

The steps to duplicate is pretty simple

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/deleteme bs=1M count=100
losetup /dev/loop0 /tmp/deleteme
fdisk /dev/loop0   ## created partitions 1, 2, etc.
fdisk -l /dev/loop0  ## confirmed that the partitions do exist
mkfs.ext3 /dev/loop0p1 ## failed here, the error prompt says that the /dev/loop0p1 doesn't exist!
ls /dev/loop0p*  ## no entries

Please shed a light here, I'm running centos 6.4