[CentOS] 3TB disk with 6.0.4 not booting

Tue Nov 5 00:14:25 UTC 2013
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| As you know I've been testing centos on an old mac pro.  I have 1
| disk left
| of 4 that I'm testing on.  I had a 3TB disk and stuck it in and
| couldn't
| get centos to boot off of it.  It would install, but not boot.  I
| then got
| "old" disk 4 installed with it. Any idea why the 3TB disk doesn't
| work?  I
| pulled out an os x 10.6.3 and that would install and boot.  I resized
| the
| disk in osx and reinstalled centos, but centos still won't boot off
| the 3TB
| disk.
| Thanks,
| -wes

To boot off of a 3TB disk you require a (U)EFI capable machine which supports GPT partitions.  There is no way to boot a disk that is 3TB in size using a BIOS based machine.

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