[CentOS] [OT] Building a new backup server

Tue Nov 5 13:49:02 UTC 2013
Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <dennisml at conversis.de>

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>>> In that case it might be better to switch to XFS which is supported by
>>> Red Hat up to 100TB so up to that capacity should work well. With RHEL 7
>>> XFS will become the default Filesystem anyway so now is the time to get
>>> used to it.
>> Yeah? That sounds really interesting. Is this listed on the RHEL website?
> In my brief search I didn't mind to find anything on Red Hat's web site,
> but I did find the below articles.
> https://www.suse.com/communities/conversations/xfs-the-file-system-of-choice/
> http://searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/news/2240185580/Red-Hat-discloses-RHEL-roadmap

Take a look at the first comment here:

You are not going to get any more official information on what is going 
th happen in RHEL 7 until it's actually out the door.

The was a video on youtube on the Red Hat Summit channel where they 
spoke in great detail about what is planned for RHEL 7 but strangely 
this video has been removed.