[CentOS] XML to text

Mon Nov 11 12:16:04 UTC 2013
Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

Thanks for all the answers. And thanks to Les for understanding the 
exact problem. I had Googled before asking. And yes, I found tons of 
info, even started the W3W tutorial. I'm new to XML and it's conversions.

My question was: is there anything already in Centos that handles the 
conversion. Not a specific solution, but the name of a package that 
would include what I needed to do this for me. Google doesn't always 
respond with Centos-specific answers, which is which I posted to this, 
the Centos, list.

I'll try and be more specific from now on so I don't ruffle feathers. 
Not sure what this list is for I guess.

steve campbell

On 11/7/2013 6:00 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 4:53 PM,  <m.roth at 5-cent.us> wrote:
>> <SNIP>
>> Or, the point for the OP is, try googling for an answer before posting....
>> Do some of the heavy lifting yourself.
> You can't really blame someone for thinking there _must_ be an easier
> way to deal with things that are clearly text than the stuff you have
> to do with XML, can you?   Searching google isn't going to make it
> less painful unless you find a complete program that already does the
> exact thing you are trying to do.   Otherwise you are going to have to
> learn way more than you ever wanted to know about elements,
> attributes, nodes, paths and the like.