[CentOS] CentOS 6 and Intel vPro?

Sat Nov 16 04:26:56 UTC 2013
Lists <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

On 11/15/2013 07:30 PM, Wes James wrote:
> What type of admin are trying to do on your cluster.  First, to get the
> most power out of your cluster, shouldn't you be running nodes in run level
> 3 (non gui).
> You can set up ssh keys so you can create some scripts and perform your
> commands  (from your admin machine) on each of your cluster nodes.  (i.e.,
> running a command over ssh without a password being needed).
> You may also be interested in esysman that allows for doing many admin
> tasks from a web interface on your admin box:
> https://github.com/comptekki/esysman
> Just this last week I updated it to work with CentOS (orLSB/RPM based
> systems).  It currently supports MS Windows, OS X, Xubuntu (and probably
> other LSB/ubuntu/debian base systems) and now CentOS.

There's no GUI installed, and I'm quite familiar with SSH, and most 
daily administration is heavily scripted/automated.

The capabilities I'm looking for include the ability to force restart 
the server remotely, even when the O/S Is locked up (EG: kernel panic) 
and access the BIOS remotely, do an O/S install remotely, etc. which can 
be done with IPMI. From what I've read, Intel's vPro allows for all of 
these possibilities, although it does seem to be heavily Windows oriented.