[CentOS] Google Chrome

Fri Nov 22 19:25:59 UTC 2013
Chris Beattie <cbeattie at geninfo.com>

On 11/22/2013 11:29 AM, Phelps, Matt wrote:
> Most of us using CentOS/RHEL are in an "e"nterprise environment where
> that sort of thing just isn't allowed.
> A supported, updated, secured version of chrome/chromium is essential
> for our CentOS environment, and I venture to guess many others'
> (including RHEL users).

What happens if there comes a time when Johnny's heavy wizardry isn't enough to keep Chrome running on CentOS?  Or if he just doesn't have time to do it?  The browser that you need won't run on the OS which you can't change.  You have a Kobayashi Maru scenario.  You can't win unless you can change the rules.

I do something similar, but in my case, I provide virtual machines loaded with older versions of Internet Explorer for QA testers.  The testers can't do any permanent damage to the VMs that the hypervisor won't fix when it reverts the VM after the tester logs off.  Meanwhile, the version of IE on the testers' main machines is kept up-to-date.