[CentOS] Unsupported Hardware that works fine?

Tue Nov 26 23:31:39 UTC 2013
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 11/25/2013 06:42 PM, Lists wrote:
> I recently purchased a set of ASRock Intel i5 MB/CPU combos for a budget 
> compute cluster. Every time we load up a system and try to boot with a 
> recent EL6/64 ISO, we get a message that reads:
>  > This hardware (or a combination thereof) is not supported by CentOS. 
> For more
>  > information on supported hardware, plesae refer to 
> http://www.centos.org/hardware
> Not only does the hardware *seem* to work to expectations, but the url 
> referenced goes to 404!
> Having loaded CentOS6 on many systems without ever seeing this message, 
> I have to ask how to determine what might be triggering it and whether 
> or not I should be concerned?

If it works, by all means use it.

CentOS has no "supported hardware" anyway

That is there because something about that hardware trips the RHEL
support flag ... so you can't get support from Red Hat for that hardware :)

As other posts to the list have pointed out ... look at:




for more info

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