[CentOS] Provide access to /home folder

Tue Nov 5 01:27:37 UTC 2013
Gopu Krishnan <gopukrishnantec at gmail.com>

I have a CentOS linux web server in which I have multiple web sites. I have
many website programmers now doing the coding for all the sites. How can I
provide a key-based authentication for the programmers in such a way that
they have access only to /home folder ? They should be able to access only
all the files inside /home and able to modify it. This is cPanel server in
which all the sites comes under /home directory. Currently they are using
separate passwords for every site. If I could give access to my developer
inside /home folder, they would be able to do edit all the sites easily
rather than having separate password for each site (eg : /home/site1 or
/home/site2).  Please share your ideas on the same.