[CentOS] chipsets etc to avoid for CentOS 6.x

Fri Nov 8 05:05:16 UTC 2013
Devin Reade <gdr at gno.org>

It's time to purchase hardware again, and I'm going through
the usual "of that which is on the market, what will CentOS run
without leaving new hardware collecting dust for a year"?

I'm looking at a number of commodity-grade machines (ie:
desktop grade will suffice) with reasonably fast CPUs and
able to use at least 8GB each (preferably 32GB).  These will
be deployed as software development systems in run mode 3
(ie: no real graphical requirement).

Does anyone have suggestions, assuming a CentOS 6.x install,
what CPUs/chipsets, etc, to avoid? (Or alternately, which
ones still commonly on the market are fine?)

I've typically stuck to Intel CPUs, and prefer Gigabyte or Intel
motherboards.  I'd prefer to minimize the likelihood of non-working
or marginally-working hardware.

I've had a look at the supported RHEL hardware list, but they
typically just list Xeon-based machines.

Thanks in advance.