[CentOS] root password required

Mon Nov 4 11:41:48 UTC 2013
Valeri Shibaev <shibaevv at apollosoft.net>


I've lost private key for my instance.

So I've generated new Private/Public Keys, Created Image from my instance, and Launched new instance.

Now I can ssh to this new instance:
but it ask me for root password (which it did not on original instance):

It looks like this is problem with MarketPlace AMI I was using originally:
CentOS-6-x86_64-20120527-EBS-03-adc4348e-1dc3-41df-b833-e86ba57a33d6-ami-8f9af1e6.1 (ami-83cd5eb9).

Any help with fixing this unexpected root password required problem?