[CentOS] read-only file system when trying to save files

Mon Nov 4 14:21:28 UTC 2013
Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com>

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On 11/01/2013 06:55 PM, Mark LaPierre wrote:
> On 11/01/2013 06:36 PM, Wes James wrote:
>> I have installed emacs with yum and now I'm trying to create a .emacs
>> file and put some commands in it, but I can't type anything in the emacs 
>> buffer.  It says the buffer is read-only.  I exited emacs and did touch 
>> .emacs and I get a message that it can't do that on a read-only file 
>> system.  I googled around to see why this might be, but I can't see any 
>> links on this.  Any tips why this might be doing this?  I've heard that 
>> centos is strict on changes, but I don't know the extent it restricts 
>> changes.  I followed a page where I did echo 0 >/selinux/enforce .  But 
>> this is only good until reboot. But shouldn't I be now able to make
>> changes in ~*
>> Thanks,
>> -wes

As you found, SELinux was not at fault,

echo 0 > /selinux/enforce

Is immediate, it will put the machine into permissive mode.  setenforce 0, is
a better command to do this.

On reboot SELinux would be back to the original state. If you want to alter
the default state of SELinux, you do this through /etc/selinux/config.

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