[CentOS] Using CentOS Wordpress rpms

Tue Nov 12 00:39:02 UTC 2013
Keith <squeeze at winnetworks.com>

On 12/11/13 10:46, Max Pyziur wrote:
> Greetings,
> Apologies for my seeming daft naivete.
> I'm wondering if there any sort of conventions for using Wordpress on
> CentOS?
> Generally until now, I have had users install Wordpress from tarballs on a
> case-by-case basis. This means that you can have several different
> versions of WordPress operating on a site.
> With the RPM you have a version that can be consistent across multiple
> websites on one server.
> Is this done through the use of symlinks, or is there some other,
> additional magic that gets put to use.
> I've done a little searching of the Google genie, but I'm only led to
> webpages outlining installing Wordpress from tarballs.
> Much thanks,
> Max Pyziur
> pyz at brama.com
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I always install from the latest tarball from the WP site, as it's the 
latest at the time of installation. With regards to WP updates and 
versions, this is generally performed with it's own built in 
updating/upgrading mechanism which is the first thing you should check 
or do after install and on an ongoing basis - IMHO anyway.

I've not tried the repo's or rpms, but i'm guessing if you install from 
them, the same process applies for updates with WP i.e. it's done from 
the WP web console and you would definitely want to check that after an 
install from those sources as they would be a bit behind.