[CentOS] CentOS 6 and Intel vPro?

Sat Nov 16 01:26:21 UTC 2013
Lists <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

Needed to set up a cluster where horsepower and cost were paramount, so 
I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out Intel's business 
class "vPro AMT" remote administration technology, and compare it to 
IPMI, which I've used for years on servers. From a feature standpoint, 
it seems quite impressive, going to far as using standards-based VNC!

Unfortunately, set up is quite a bear, with most of a day spent and 
while I can remote power cycle the machine via a web interface, VNC 
support is still not to be found. I have no intention of buying Windows 
licenses for all these machines just so I can enable AMT. (the VNC 
remote desktop solution)

So far, it would seem that the Intel approach is very Windows-oriented, 
to the point where I've been unable to find any official documentation 
at all as to how to make it work with *nix. After some googling and 
trying to make sense of the "enterprise reference documentation" I came 
across http://blog.yarda.eu/2012/09/intel-amt-quickstart-guide.html 
which apparently was working as recently as October of this year. (see 
the comments)

However, it would seem that intel has pulled support for some of this, 
as pages like
simply resolve to 404, numerous attempts to google 
"IPS_KVMRedirectionSettingData" and such haven't (so far) returned 
anything useful.

 From what it seems, Intel wants everybody to be installing PKI AMT 
certificates on vPro motherboards via Windows.

Does anybody have any information that might be useful about how to 
enable unencrypted VNC remote administration for CentOS based servers? I 
have a used KVM switch, but that's always been a sub-optimum solution, 
and it really makes a mess out of your server cages.