[CentOS] Module signed with unknown public key

Sun Nov 17 01:06:53 UTC 2013
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Rob Kampen wrote:

>> But when I re-start this system
>> I get the above message many times.

>> But how can one "sign" a module?
>> I googled for this, but all the suggestions
>> were about signing modules while compiling them.

> my $0.02 worth - I suspect the code snippet that deals with signing is
> being called but possibly the keys used to verify the signed modules are
> missing.

Thanks for your response.
What you suggest sounds very plausible.
But what key or keys are these?
Where can they be found.

I put together the old system from various pieces,
including bits from old backups,
so it is very likely that something is missing.

Timothy Murphy  
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