[CentOS] Emacs 24 on CentOS 6.4

Sun Nov 17 20:12:33 UTC 2013
Carson Chittom <carson at wistly.net>

I'm fairly new to CentOS, so please excuse my ignorance.

I've installed CentOS 6.4, for which Emacs 23 is available; but I'd like
to have Emacs 24.  I've looked at rpmforge and epel, but neither seem to
have Emacs 24 already packaged; and I've searched for every combination
of emacs +  24 + centos without success.

While I could, of course, just do the ./configure && make && make
install dance, I don't like having software installed that's not in the
packaging system.  I'd appreciate any pointer to a prepackaged Emacs 24,
or failing that, a good tutorial on how to package software correctly
for CentOS.