[CentOS] SSSD with 389DS

Fri Nov 22 15:28:14 UTC 2013
Mitja Mihelič <mitja.mihelic at arnes.si>


We are setting up an environment with two 389DS configured as 
master-consumer. The DIT holds about 70.000 user records.
A couple of other machines running SSSD will be using the 389DS setup 
for all user info lookups that would normally go to passwd/shadow.
There are also other applications that will be querying the 389DS for 
various other user data.
All servers are running CentOS6.

In total I would estimate that SSSD would be handling about 400 queries 
per second.

How should I configure SSSD to get the most out of it?
Cache refreshes, (negative) timeouts, expirations, enumerations?

Regards, Mitja

Mitja Mihelič
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