[CentOS] Weird netinstall issue

Tue Oct 1 10:09:47 UTC 2013
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 10/01/2013 03:27 AM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 10/1/2013 1:16 AM, g wrote:
>> from all that i have had to go thru trying to get kde going, it looks like
>> i will try again to see if centos will install kde instead of gnome.
> # yum -y groupinstall "KDE Desktop"

ah so. thank you very much.

i knew there was something i was forgetting. i just was not thinking
of what it was.

thanks to chemotherapy last year, my 'chemo brain' has almost totally
removed my 'near photographic memory' i used to enjoy.

> should be all it takes to install KDE on an existing install.   I don't
> run CentOS desktops so I don't know offhand how you select what desktop
> to default to, but I thought you could choose it from the login screen.

this is true. i did such first time i installed centos and it stayed
with out having to continually select.

after banging my head against several problems with 32 bit, i thought it
would be easier to run a fresh install with 64 bit, which brought along
more problems and head banging.

this next fresh install, i intend to select what is installed instead of
going with default because default installs a bunch of packages that i
have little to no use for.

should make a much smaller "/media/sdb3" where i have centos installed
and i can increase "/dev/home".

]$ dfs
/dev/sda1             67649680  64356780   3292900  96% /media/AE90166090162F79
/dev/sda2             10490444   6731328   3759116  65% /media/HP_RECOVERY
/dev/sdb1             11783136     80164  11702972   1% /media/10BDD0693BFCE1E5
/dev/sdb3             10317860   4026592   5767148  42% /media/sdb3
/dev/sdb5             21931908  12603040   8214708  61% /home
/dev/sdb6             30975612   6717240  23943700  22% /

fyi, "dfs" =

    ]$ cat ../scripts/dfs
    ####  fn=   dfs  .2008.1223.2341
    ##   use=   show disk usage in dev order
    df -B 1024|grep /dev/sd|sort

btw, i have 'raveled' this thread more than i care to. and i have a few
questions to ask before i make fresh install of centos.

also, i need to 'pull the plugs' and get some rest before the rooster crows.

will post a new "Subject:" later on in the dawn.

thanks again.


peace out.

in a world with out fences, who needs gates.