[CentOS] C6: kickstart problems with additional repo

Tue Oct 8 20:02:27 UTC 2013
Rainer Traut <tr.ml at gmx.de>

Am 08.10.2013 19:05, schrieb Earl Ramirez:

>>>> repo --name=vmware51
>>>> --baseurl=http://xxx/repo/vmware/5.1/rhel6Server-x86_64/
>>> I think you need to add the --cost=100
>>> --baseurl=http://xxx/repo/vmware/5.1/rhel6Server-x86_64/ --cost=100
>>>> I'm beginning to think the problem is, my install media is ISO and I
>>>> have an additional http repo which is not available in this stage...
>> No, does not help. GUI still says it needs an active network connection. :(

> Are you able to establish communication with the web server that is
> hosting vmware tools
> I do not have the same environment as you, therefore my ks.cfg,
> installation media and the repo is on the same FTP server.
> I'm only being asked to configure the network, if I'm not able to
> establish communication with the FTP server, verify that the appropriate
> access is on file/s that the server need to connect to.

Yes, I can establish the connection. But at the point when the GUI asks 
for the network connection the interface does not have the IP address 
yet. I verify this on another console with 'ifconfig' and 'ip a l'.
In the %post section I can do wget and other things, so there does not 
seem to be the problem. And once I confirm the eth0 interface in gui it 
gets the ks.cfg network config and install with the configured repo works.

Still I think the repo command cannot be used because I don't have the 
interface configured on kernel command line to get the ks.cfg. I use the 
local floppy disk with 'ks=floppy'