[CentOS] htdocs on NFS share / any pitfalls?

Wed Oct 23 05:52:40 UTC 2013
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| Hi all,
| i have a new setup where the htdocs directory for the webserver
| is located on a nfs share. Client has cachefilesd configured.
| Compared to the old setup (htdocs directory is on the local disk)
| the performance is not so gratifying. The disk is "faster" compared
| to the ethernet link but the cache should at least compensate this
| a bit. Do they exist more pitfalls for such configurations?
| Thanks
| LF
| PS: checking httpd's caching system now ...

The best thing to do with respect to NFS shares is to make extensive use of caching in front of the web servers.  This will hide the latencies that the NFS protocol will bring.  You can try to scale NFS through use of channel bonding or pNFS/Gluster but setting up a reverse proxy or memcached instance is going to be your best bet to making the system perform well.

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