[CentOS] ZFS on Linux in production?

Thu Oct 24 22:47:09 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 10/24/2013 2:59 PM, Lists wrote:
>> >(*) ran into a guy who had 100s of zfs 'file systems' (mount points),
>> >per user home directories, and was doing nightly snapshots going back
>> >several years, and his zfs commands were taking a long long time to do
>> >anything, and he couldn't figure out why.  I think he had over 10,000
>> >filesystems * snapshots.
> Wow. Couldn't he have the same results by putting all the home
> directories on a single ZFS partition?

I believe he wanted quotas per user.   ZFS quotas were only implemented 
at the file system level, at least as of whatever version he was running 
(I don't know if thats changed, as I never mess with quotas).

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