[CentOS] Does elrepo fix google-chrome requirement for newer glib and GTK

Sun Oct 27 17:28:38 UTC 2013
Rob Townley <rob.townley at gmail.com>

Has anyone tested installing the newer kernels from elrepo (or
somewhere else) in order to keep google-chrome updated beyond version
27?  Actually, i assumed a newer kernel would come with a newer glibc
but i do not see a newer glibc via elrepo, just newer kernels.  hmmm.

# yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=elrepo* info glibc | grep -i repo
only lists my already installed glibc packages from updates.

Further, google-chrome requires gtk2 version 2.24.0 or above, and i do
not see that in any alternate repos either.  But that is another
question because
#rpm -qi gtk2-2.18.9
finds the package, but
#yum clean all
#yum --enablerepo=* search all gtk2-2.18.9
says "No Matches found"
So clearly something is messed up if yum can not find one its own
packages it itself installed, so i cannot trust it to find gtk2-2.24.

For those that do not use google-chrome-stable, each time it is newly
started, the following message appears close to the top of the window:
"Google Chrome has stopped updating and no longer supports this
version of your operating system."

Assuming 3rd party repos do not work directly, has anyone tried the following: