[CentOS] Use postfix and spamd on CentOS 6 - looking for a shortest guide

Wed Aug 13 20:06:18 UTC 2014
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at alice.it>

BC wrote:

>> The task of postfix seems to me fairly easy to understand,
>> so I don't see why implementing a solution should be that difficult.

> It seems easy to understand because you do not understand it. The more you
> delve into the topic of mail, the more you realize it is not easy to
> understand with just a few passing glances.

You should read more carefully.
I said the _task_ of postfix is fairly easy to understand.
Many problems are easy to understand but difficult to solve.
What exactly is difficult to understand about the task of postfix?

> Perhaps that is why you are
> not finding a simple document to answer your question.

Again, you should read more carefully what I asked for,
namely a 1-page document stating (for a given installer)
exactly what packages were installed, 
and what changes were made to the given config (and perhaps other) files.

> Either way, I had no intention of making you mad. I was simply trying to
> help by saying that reading a book on postfix is a very worthwhile
> pursuit.

Not for me.
We are inundated today with an avalanche of information.
We are told far too much about everything.
The true educators are those who filter out the essential core.

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