[CentOS] Compiling modules in kernel source but not included in distro.

Sun Aug 24 21:40:36 UTC 2014
Andrew Stringer <centos at rainsbrook.co.uk>

Hi Akemi,

> On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 8:22 AM, Andrew Stringer
> <centos at rainsbrook.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi, I've been trying to compile some kernel modules for centos 6.5,
>> specifically fore_200e atm driver (although I also have hardware to try
>> nicstar
>> and he ). This module is not included in the centos kernel or modules but
>> is included in the stock kernel source.
> I can give you a very easy solution. Install the CentOSPlus kernel.
> The ATM fore_200e driver is enabled in this kernel.
> If you prefer using kernel module, then file a request with ELRepo (
> http://elrepo.org ).

Right answer and thanks for the speedy response.

I have installed the new kernel and progress has been made. Just for 
interest, I have started writing this up here:-


> If you still wish to learn how to build a kernel module, we can help you.
Yes, although not of huge interest now I have achieved what I wanted to, 
it would be of interst to find out what I was doing wrong.


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