[CentOS] Hardware raid health?

Mon Aug 25 21:23:34 UTC 2014
Keith Keller <kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us>

On 2014-08-25, John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com> wrote:
> IF megacli64 works for this raid controller, then I tweaked some python 
> scripts I found online and use these two scripts..   these live in 
> /root/bin as they are only for root's use.

They can probably go anywhere, since a normal user won't have the
permissions to open the proper devices anyway.

I use slightly modified versions of these scripts with Nagios.  I
haven't had a drive fail yet (so one is sure to fail in the next day or
two), but the scripts worked when the chiller in the room failed and the
temperature spiked--they notified me that the internal temperatures of
the ROC and the drives were all too high.

There is a GUI to the MegaRAID controllers available.  I seldom use it
so I can't give too much information about it.

If the OP's servers use a different controller there may still be
scripts like these, just let us know what the hardware is.  (I know they
exist for 3ware, I think they may for Areca.)


kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us