[CentOS] Packages cmake (base) and metis (epel) conflict with each other

Tue Aug 26 01:36:12 UTC 2014
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

On 8/25/2014 15:06, Peter Wood wrote:
> I don't recall ever running into a conflict between packages in base and
> packages in epel repositories.

I see it here, too.  It's clearly a packaging bug, probably due to the 
fact that the more recent Red Hattish Linuxes use CMake 2.8+.

EPEL has a cmake28 package.  Installing it doesn't placate the 
dependency checker, but you could force the install, then link the 
"cmake28" binary to "cmake".

Or, you could try it with the platform CMake, and hope 2.6 is 
sufficient.  It may well be.  CMake is fairly stable from a feature