[CentOS] Looking for SElinux help

Wed Aug 13 18:02:37 UTC 2014
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

This is a little OT, but I hope that someone here could help me privately...

The challenge is Redsleeve (EL6 for arm) was developed on armv5 and 
works just fine on armv7 if you have an armv7 kernel, which I do with 
the Fedora 19 remix.  But no working SElinux, primarily because 
something like no SElinux in the armv5 kernel (little unclear as to why 
not, but it is not germaine to this problem).

I know that my F19 remix has SELinux working.  I have tested it. But my 
RSEL6 is showing SELinux disabled.

So if someone has some time and can guide me or point me to some links, 
I would greatly appreciate it.