[CentOS] OT hard disk geometry

Sat Feb 8 11:56:38 UTC 2014
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at alice.it>

Timothy Murphy wrote:

>> here's a WD20EZRX,
>> http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71hgUgJ0CQL._SL1500_.jpg
>> looks pretty normal to me.
> That picture shows the WD drive above that I have.
> As you see, there is an empty (and slightly smaller) "slot"
> between the SATA connectors and the power connector.

I think I misunderstood the power connection to a SATA drive.

Apparently, the Molex power-connector I was referring to
(which is in a different place on different drives)
is not used, power for the drive coming from one of the SATA connectors.

So I must look for a different explanation
why my new WD drive does not seem to be working.

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