[CentOS] Where to get Sernet-Samba4 questions answered?

Tue Feb 11 20:07:24 UTC 2014
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

On Tue, February 11, 2014 14:31, Chris wrote:
> Dear James,
> On 02/11/2014 05:57 PM, James B. Byrne wrote:
>> Not wanting to build Samba4 myself I spent some time searching for rpm
>> packages suitable for use on our CentOS-6.5 hosts.  I discovered
>> http://enterprisesamba.com/ which provides rpms (sernet-samba-4.1.4-7) for
>> CentOS-6.
> you have to sign up at https://portal.enterprisesamba.com/
> This page is in English and it's free.
> Then you can download the CentOS -Version or add a yum repository.
> - Chris

You misunderstand.  I registered at EnterpriseSamba in the belief (prehaps
mistaken) that this was the Samba project core team's public 'brand'.  I have
the sernet-samba rpm installed already. I also have the sernet-Samba-ad
service running and promoted to a DC on my existing AD Domain already.

>From what I can discover sernet-samba-4.1.4 seems to mostly work. I just lack
the experience to give me confidence in committing to Samba in place of our
existing W2K AD DC.  Eroding what confidence I do have is that I have
encountered a number of issues where the samba-tool utility simply breaks and
gives what appears to be an abbreviated a stack trace along with some pretty
startling error messages, containing words like "PANIC" and "unhandled

For that reason I have subscribed to the Samba mailing list. I get the message
traffic from that list.  And I have received my own messages to the list back
as well as see them in the list archives as well, thus confirming that my
messages were delivered.

What I am unable to do is to get any response to any of the questions I have
posted respecting the errors I have encountered.  I get nothing.  It is as if
I had never written.

So, I am seeking an alternative support venue, if such exists, where I might
get some answers.  If there is none then I will simply re-post my original
messages to the samba list until I get some sort of response, even if it is
only an expression of irritation.

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