[CentOS] Strange Samba Issue

Wed Feb 12 06:26:17 UTC 2014
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 2/11/2014 10:09 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> What server software have you tried?   I'm using serviio on a mac but
> would expect the linux version to be equivalent, with an assortment of
> players (ps3, sony blu-ray player, vlc on an ipad, etc.). The trick
> with video is to be sure it is encoded in a format the player can
> handle directly so the server isn't transcoding on the fly.   And
> avoid wifi if possible.

thats the problem.   different clients have different unpublished format 

i have devices that play HD mp4 and mkv files just fine via SMB, but 
refuse to acknowledge the same files as video if they are over DLNA and 
ask for them to be converted to something else.   Or maybe they will 
play the video but don't like the audio and want it transcoded.   whaaa?

That and the whole DLNA finder and tag system is awful.     i have stuff 
directory structured and not all of it is well tagged.   DLNA clients 
decide to lump it all in one virtual list, 12000 titles or whatever.   
needless to say, that crashed the browser on half the embedded 
players.   different DLNA servers have a different idea of how tags 
should be structured.   DLNA players kept insisting on showing me 
directories and files that I'd deleted a week ago. ugh, I quit.

SMB gives me my directory structure, and thats fine, and the WD TV in 
particular has played just about everything I've thrown at it, AVI, MP4, 
MKV, TS, Ogg, Flac, etc etc.

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