[CentOS] Old harware (intel 82845G card) stopped working after update (centos 6)

Wed Feb 19 07:44:05 UTC 2014
Alain.Cochard at unistra.fr <Alain.Cochard at unistra.fr>

John R Pierce writes on Mon 17 Feb 2014 06:54:

 > that chipset was new in 2002, and already bordering on obsolete by 2005 
 > (Intel ended all support for the 845 in December 2005).   It supported 
 > Pentium-4 "Northwood" CPUs, which were 32bit only, via socket 478 and 
 > first generation DDR SDRAM PC133.
 > its quite likely that stuff that old is no longer being tested for 
 > compatibility with new builds.

Gerry Reno writes on Mon 17 Feb 2014 10:05:

 > Running current bits on ancient hardware is always risky.
 > Test first with LiveCD.  Or better yet, stay back with known
 > working bits.

Thanks much for the pieces of information.

Isn't this policy contradictory with the ten-year-long life cycle, in
spirit if not in letter?

Gerry, could you please elaborate on what you mean by "Test first with
LivecD?  (My understanding is that there is a LiveCD for each new
version, but not each time any package is updated.)  

At any rate, what are my options now?  

Could it be possible to downgrade to the working state?  Google tells
me about 'yum downgrade', but is it a good route in this case?  Should
I and could I go back to 6.4?  Or could I try to identify a particular

Or is it more promising to try to reinstall?

Also, is there a hope that I could find a workaround with some
configuration file, like xorg.conf?

Thank you.

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