[CentOS] Growing HW RAID arrays, Online

Sun Feb 23 00:08:02 UTC 2014
Andrew Holway <andrew.holway at gmail.com>

On 20 February 2014 21:50, Billy Crook <bcrook at riskanalytics.com> wrote:
> We add disks to an LSI raid array periodically to increase the amount
> of available space for business needs.

I *would* highly recommend ZFS for this kind of application. The
ability to dynamically expand the zpool (zpool is the zfs "volume
manager") is excellent for these kinds of applications. ZFS on Linux
is still a bit.....hmm....young as a filesystem so give it another
year perhaps. Its being heavily developed by Lawrence Livermore
National Lab at the moment for use with the Lustre Parallel filesystem
and so NFS export of ZFS filesystems is still a bit flaky however the
core is good and stable now.

With RHEL 7 and Centos 7 we shall see btrfs as a native filesystem.
This should make this kinda thing extremely easy.