[CentOS] CentOS 6.5 install

Wed Feb 26 20:50:34 UTC 2014
Erik Laxdal <elaxdal at ece.uvic.ca>

Make sure that you are booting and installing the system using the UEFI 
bios, not the legacy bios. You'll need to check your bios setup for the 
setting to do this if the system supports it.

The legacy bios will force the MDOS labeling scheme that will limit the 
boot drive to a maximum of 2TB.  The UEFI bios allows the system to boot 
from a large GPT labelled disk (with the required UEFI partition).


On 26/02/14 12:01 PM, Kenny Noe wrote:
> Hello,  I'm a newbie so here's my question.
> I'm trying to install CentOS 6.5 on a HP Proliant 350e server.  This server
> has 4x 1TB hard drives.  I'd like to enable the hardware RAID 5 and stripe
> all 4 disk into one 3TB logical volume.  Then install CentOS on the 3TB
> volume.  However after I install I can't get the server to boot.
> I know about the MDOS vs GPT labeling issue.  I've successfully installed
> on one (singular) 3TB disk on other servers.  I have modified the partition
> tables, relabeling them to GPT, prior to completing the installs.
> However I've read that the Anaconda installer still tries to format as MDOS
> and after installing a Basic server I cannot get it to boot.
> So, what am I missing?  Can I load CentOS on a hardware RAID 5 volume that
> is 3TB (usable) or am I stuck with what most Google searches say and load
> the OS on one disk and then after use software RAID to RAID 5 the remaining
> 3 disk into a /data directory?
> All help is appreciated.
> Thanks    --Kenny
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