[CentOS] Emacs and Ispell, Aspell and Hunspell

Sat Feb 15 11:40:02 UTC 2014
Mark Plowman <mark+centos at plowman.nl>

CentOS members,

This is another CentOS, Emacs upgrade question:

  Since upgrading from CentOS 5.10 and Emacs 21.4.1 to CentOS 6.5 and
  Emacs 23.1.1 I am trying to get a spell checker working in emacs.

  Previously I used aspell and everything "just worked".  Now I gather
  that hunspell is the norm but after installing it, when I try it it
  "just doesn't work".

  If I try to (for instance) spell check a region (ispell-region) the
  session hangs and a "ps axfu" from another seesion reveals:

    mark      8464  0.0  1.2 313764 50252 ?        R    Feb12   2:35              \_ /usr/bin/emacs -g 132x40-0-0 -f gnus
    mark      8700  0.0  0.0 103168   764 pts/0    Ss+  Feb12   0:00              |   \_ /usr/bin/idn --quiet --idna-to-ascii --usestd3asciirules

Again, some clue stick please...

(My apologies for any spelling mistakes/typos in this email!)



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